Customizable Import Type

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Customizable Import Type

Postby Admin » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:42 am

Using the Data Manager > Import tab one can import historical data files. ArthaChitra natively too supports import of tick, minute and day format data as described in the help files. However the limitation of the same is that data (which is to be imported) has to be in a certain format. Since ArthaChitra exposes the Import Type scripts, coders can easily built their own custom script to import historical data of their preferred format. However this may not be a viable option for non-coders.

The CustomizableImportType user code resolves this scenario by providing an GUI which lets the user to customize, according to the available data.

How to use the CustomizableImportType
  • In Main View menu bar goto Settings > Data Manager > Import tab
  • From the Drop down itmes select CustomizableImportType, which will also populate the GUI
  • Now customize the properties as per the data you wish to import
  • Once the data is formatted, click on the Import button to import the data files.


How to import the user code
  • Download the file
  • In Main View menu bar goto Settings > SharpScript > Import
  • In the Select file dialog select the downloaded file and click on Open
If you encounter any compilation exceptions then please refer here to know how to resolve it.

You can edit the script from:
  • In Main View menu bar goto New > SharpScript > Edit
  • In the new dialog select Import Type from the drop down item at the top
  • Select CustomizableImportType user code
  • Click Ok
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